Preparing for the Pennine Way: A Wild Camp on Dartmoor

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Dartmoor Wild Camp

It’s funny how little time I spent on Dartmoor growing up living only half an hour or so away from it’s wild borders. We’d take the occasional trip up there, usually the popular walk up Haytor from the neighbouring car park, but I had little sense of what lay beyond.

Walking didn’t really appeal, even when the opportunity to train and take part in the Ten Tors Challenge at school came along. Many of my friends took part (though never completed the challenge due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease) but I never felt the sense that I was missing out on anything.

Only more recently have I spent any considerable time exploring the rugged landscape fuelled by a desire to catch up on lost time. Preparing to walk the Pennine Way this summer has provided the perfect excuse to spend more time criss-crossing the wild playground in my backyard.

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Top Gear: My 13 Essentials For Every Adventure

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Gear choices can vary depending on a wide range of factors. How long am I going to be away? What environment am I travelling through? What type of trip am I taking? Is the weather likely to be good or bad?

Even with all these variables there are some essential items that I wouldn’t be without. These are the first to get put in my pack, around my neck, on my belt or in my pockets wherever I’m going.

Everyone has their own thoughts and preferences when it comes to equipment. These are simply my choices and what has worked for me in the past.

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Shocking Advice: Lightning Safety in the Wilderness

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Lightning Safety

Lightning is one of the most dangerous weather conditions that you can encounter while on a wilderness trip. A powerful, electrostatic charge that illuminates the sky, invoking feelings of fear and awe in equal measure.

Your chances of getting struck let alone killed by lightning are remote but that can provide little relief when caught in a dramatic storm. In this article I’ll aim to highlight the dangers surrounding lightning and how you can improve your odds of avoiding being struck.

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Camp Hygiene: Tips for Keeping Clean Outdoors

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Camp Hygiene

Camp hygiene is an important consideration when spending any length of time outdoors. While not washing for a few days won’t kill you, a general lack of hygiene will increase your risk of getting a stomach bug, making your time outdoors far less pleasurable.

Camping and travelling outdoors is not an excuse to forego all personal hygiene. It’s equally if not more important to maintain high standards of hygiene when travelling in a group as bugs can be easily transferred from one person to the next.

There are some practices you can follow to keep clean and hygienic whether you are out for a few of days, weeks or even months.

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Buffalo Special 6 Shirt Review

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Buffalo Special 6 Shirt

The Buffalo Special 6 Shirt is one of my absolute favourite items of outdoor clothing.

Being comfortable outdoors in all conditions requires you to keep warm and dry. The principle of layering is well known.

Rather than one thick layer, you wear many thin layers in order to regulate your temperature during the day and remove moisture from your body.

Also each layer has it’s unique place in the system. A base layer to wick sweat away quickly is donned first, followed by a thin form of insulation such as shirt or fleece. Depending on the conditions a light wind-shirt can be used followed by a waterproof jacket.

This layering system gives you a huge amount of flexibility to alter your clothing to match the changing conditions.

But what if one layer could do all that?

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