About the Wilderness Traveller

James Werb

James Werb

Why I started this blog

I’ve always loved to travel but I’ve not always been such the adventurous type.

Though we went abroad at least once a year when I was growing up I used to have normal holidays. My favourite were road tripping round the USA with my parents and brother.

Despite having a dad that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to America when I was 12, the adventurous bug didn’t bite me until I was much older.

Then I met Marie and we bought a canoe and some tents. And now we do stuff like this…

White water canoeing

and this…

marie dog sledding

and sometimes this…

james and marie

I started this blog to document our adventures but I’ll also try and share some (hopefully) useful things I learn along the way.

I hope you enjoy my blog, but if you prefer doing this…

lazy guy

…then maybe it isn’t for you.

Sorry, can’t please everyone.