Buffalo Special 6 Shirt Review

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Buffalo Special Six Shirt

The Buffalo Special 6 Shirt is one of my absolute favourite items of outdoor clothing.

Being comfortable outdoors in all conditions requires you to keep warm and dry. The principle of layering is well known.

Rather than one thick layer, you wear many thin layers in order to regulate your temperature during the day and remove moisture from your body.

Also each layer has it’s unique place in the system. A base layer to wick sweat away quickly is donned first, followed by a thin form of insulation such as shirt or fleece. Depending on the conditions a light wind-shirt can be used followed by a waterproof jacket.

This layering system gives you a huge amount of flexibility to alter your clothing to match the changing conditions.

But what if one layer could do all that?

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MSR Hubba Hubba NX: First Impressions

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MSR Hubba Hubba NX

Whenever I’m looking to buy any new item of outdoor equipment, it usually involves extensive research. I can spend hours pouring over reviews, and speaking to other outdoor enthusiasts. No one wants to make the wrong decision especially on gear that you’ve not only paid hard earned cash for but also could be trusting your life to on an extended trip in the backcountry.

Back in August I was in that familiar position thinking ‘I need a new tent’. I’ve bought quite a few over the years but I find with experience my requirements getting more specific. When I started it was, “I need a tent”, but now it’s more, “I need a 2 person lightweight tent, that’s freestanding and robust”. In fact that was pretty much the exact criteria I had for my last purchase.

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