Top Gear: My 13 Essentials For Every Adventure

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Gear choices can vary depending on a wide range of factors. How long am I going to be away? What environment am I travelling through? What type of trip am I taking? Is the weather likely to be good or bad?

Even with all these variables there are some essential items that I wouldn’t be without. These are the first to get put in my pack, around my neck, on my belt or in my pockets wherever I’m going.

Everyone has their own thoughts and preferences when it comes to equipment. These are simply my choices and what has worked for me in the past.

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How To Look After Your Sleeping Bag

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How To Look After Your Sleeping Bag

You may well have invested quite a bit of money into your sleeping bag so that you can enjoy as many nights out under the stars as possible. Your sleeping bag will keep you warm and comfortable for years to come as long as you look after it both out in the wilds and at home.

There are two types of insulation used to fill sleeping bags, synthetic and down. Make sure you know which yours is especially before cleaning it as they require different methods to make sure they aren’t damaged in the process. Neither like getting wet but down is particularly not fond of water and can take an age to dry. Not good if you’re relying on it for a good night sleep.

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How To Stay Warm and Dry in the Wilderness

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Man keeping warm and dry

Any fool can be uncomfortable, right?

Staying comfortable whatever the weather throws at you takes preparation. Whether it’s a quick day hike or a month long expedition into the wilderness, it’s essential to stay warm and dry.

The human body need to maintain an average core temperature of 37 Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit).

Dropping just a couple of degrees below this and you could be heading into serious trouble. At 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), you will be on the verge of hypothermia so understanding what causes heat loss and how to maintain your core temperature is vital.

This isn’t just a risk for polar explorers. In fact there’s plenty of cases where hikers have succumbed to the effects of hypothermia in cold, wet conditions after only a few hours on the trail.

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Canoe Camping Checklist For Wilderness Tripping

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Canoe Camping Checklist

Embarking on your own canoe trip can be fraught with confusion about what to bring. This guide will show you the canoe camping checklist I use for planning what to bring on a wilderness canoe trip.

The luxury of travelling by canoe can mean bringing extra items that you’d leave at home if you were carrying everything on your back.

It can be really useful to see what others take to make comparisons with your own kit which is why I’m going to share all the equipment I took when we went on our recent two week trip to Finland.

Going abroad can have its own difficulties, especially if you’re bringing all of your own equipment with you as you have to be mindful of baggage weight limits and restrictions as well.

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